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    Brazilian unions join Trico protest

    News // October 19, 2001
    On 04 October, representatives of Brazilian maritime and petroleum worker unions and US seafaring unions put into effect what they are calling a 'Bilateral Solidarity Pact', pledging international co-operation to promote fairness, justice and a voice atwork for mariners working on US-flag vessels of Trico Marine Services.

    In addition, maritime unions throughout Latin America pledged to "keep Trico from working in their waters until Trico ceases its anti-union campaign and allows its mariners in the Gulf of Mexico to have a union".

    First announced in the United States on 22 August 2001, the Solidarity Pact states, "[t]he Brazilian and US unions call peacefully and lawfully on the customers of Trico not to engage in any further contracts with Trico from this day forward until Tricoceases its anti-union activities and, upon demonstration of majority support, recognises the OMU as the Union representing mariners working on the company's Gulf of Mexico fleet and negotiates in good faith a collective bargaining agreement providing these workers all the protections of union representation."

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