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    LMG Marin unveils SemiCat 3000 well intervention vessel

    News // October 19, 2001
    LMG Marin the independent engineering and design-house in Norway, has developed a new design for a well intervention vessel based on a semi-submersible.

    LMG Marin says the intervention market for subsea wells is growing, and says it expects that well intervention vessels will become a more common sight in the North Sea.

    To date, most well-intervention services have been carried out by semi-sub drilling-rigs or supply vessel-sized ships equipped with wireline subsea lubricator equipment. Recently, several purpose built designs have been introduced to the market.

    Some companies question whether it is possible to offer year round well intervention services in the North Sea, but LMG Marin says its experience with the drillship Navis Explorer has given it much useful experience with regard to design of cost-efficient MODU's for North Sea operation (and built according to NPD rules).

    LMG Marin's new design is a dynamically positioned semi-sub called the SemiCat.

    The main objective for the SemiCat is to offer a high year around operability in the North Sea for well intervention purposes involving wireline-, coiled tubing- and snubbing services.

    The basic idea behind the SemiCat Concept is to combine a semi-submersible's excellent motion-characteristics during station keeping operations with a catamaran's seagoing qualities.

    LMG Marin claims that operability studies indicate that the SemiCat would have year-round operability of in excess of 95 per cent based on common operational criteria for dynamically positioned vessels with rigid well intervention riser systems.

    More details can be obtained from LMG Marin at

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