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    World record achieved on Horn Mountain SPAR installation

    News // July 5, 2002
    Heerema Marine Contractors has established a world record during the installation of an offshore SPAR mooring system.

    The BP Horn Mountain SPAR project set the new record with its mooring line system, which was installed in 1,650m (5,500ft) of water off the Gulf of Mexico.

    The SPAR project, installed in two phases, saw the world record broken during the first phase of the project, with the installation of the mooring line system.

    The mooring line system consists of nine piles, each pile being 5.5m in diameter and 27m long. The length of each mooring line is 2,300m and is made up of three sections, a single section consisting of 75m of chain link (each link being 14cm in diameter)and two sections of heavy steel wire also 14cms in diameter.

    The world record breaking project was the first project to be carried out by the semi-submersible construction vessel Balder after its deep water conversion.

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