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    Maersk to build high spec deepwater support vessel

    News // June 24, 2002
    Maersk Supply Service has announced that it has decided to build and equip a vessel specifically for the deep water support vessel market which will be able to perform a variety of tasks related to deep and ultra deep exploration, production and construction work.

    The multi-purpose offshore support vessel will be fitted with a 200 tonne Kenz crane on the aft deck at the starboard side. The crane is designed for fully heave compensated lifts of 200 tonnes to 1,000m using double fall wires and 100 tonne to 2,000m using a single fall.

    The crane will work over both sides of the vessel as well as over the stern. Ballast control will be installed to compensate the vessel's heel during lifting operations and the operational work criteria for the crane is carefully matched to the vessel'sstability and sea keeping capabilities.

    When not in operation the crane boom will stow on top of the vessel's winch garage. In the stowed position there is ample height of between 7.5m and 10m under the boom ensuring the starboard side of the deck can be fully utilised. The crane, which will be operated by dedicated and qualified crane operators, will have several built-in redundancy systems to ensure safe operation at all times.

    A centreline moonpool, with a built-in wave damping system, will also be installed on the vessel. Measuring 5.20m x 4.38m and situated forward on the main deck, the moonpool can be serviced by the crane or by the main winch for heavy sub-sea lift operations and it can be used for ROV deployment and guideline operations. It is fitted with bottom and top hatches, which can seal the pool watertight when it is not in use.

    The vessel will also have all the features of an ultra deep water anchor handling vessel, including impressive drum spooling capacities intended both for conventional rig mooring systems as well as fibre rope deployment and retrieval. Very large chain lockers, 4 in total of 1,122 m3, are built-in directly under the main winch. The chain lockers can accommodate long lengths of chains of up to 7 inch diameter.

    All the anchor handling and towing capabilities, as well as the cargo carrying capacities, are maintained which in addition to the crane capability, gives the vessel flexibility for performing multiple tasks.

    The dynamic positioning system uses the latest technology in references systems, mainly DGPS and HIPAP hydro-acoustics with built-in features for ROV tracking and array positioning. With the large installed horsepower and powerful side thrust capacity, the vessel is able to hold DP position in very rough weather conditions.

    The vessel will have accommodation for a total of 70 personnel ensuring that the necessary space is available for expert personnel, surveyors and client representatives.

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