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    American Explorer upgraded

    Vessel & ROV News // July 22, 2005
    Seismic survey company PGS reports that its vessel American Explorer has completed an extensive upgrade in Ølen, Norway.

    All of the ship's propulsion motors have been changed, new solid streamers have been installed and there have been extensive maintenance and repairs done to the vessel.

    After shake down, the vessel deployed six streamers in less than 24 hours and started production for BP on the Harding field which is a significant achievement.

    "We were very happy to finally being able to upgrade the streamers", says Rolf Rønningen, President Marine Acquisition. "The new sections are filled with a material called Buoyant Void Filler (BVF), which is more environmental friendly than the old fluidfilled streamers. With the new solid streamers there will be no discharge to the environment and we will also have an improved operating up-time."

    American Explorer has been owned by PGS since 1994. "She is a very important vessel for PGS, which is why we decided to invest in this upgrade", Rønningen explained. "American is more flexible than the Ramform fleet for smaller jobs as deployment and recovery takes shorter time. Having a broad range of vessels to choose from makes PGS competitive in all types of jobs".

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