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    Rolls-Royce wins contracts for new designs and "old favourites"

    Vessel & ROV News // December 6, 2002
    Over the past few months Rolls-Royce has continued to win a substantial number of new contracts for UT-Design offshore support vessels. Design and equipment packages covering no less than 67 vessels are now on order around the world for delivery over theperiod to mid 2004, giving Rolls-Royce a total orderbook for offshore vessels of about NOK 3000 million.

    The latest contracts include a completely new design, the UT527, variations on several anchor handler designs, and many of the market's favourite, the UT755, in both standard and long versions.

    Among the 17 most recent orders, 11 cover UT755 design and equipment packages for Brazilian, Norwegian, British and Italian owners, among them Augusta Offshore and Waveney Shipping. Two UT755 will be built in Norway by Aker Brattvaag, two by Aker Brevik,one by Simek and two by Aker Aukra. Promar in Brazil will build three vessels and Rosetti shipyard in Italy one.

    A UT728L AHTS is to be constructed by Estillieros Itajai for Brazilian Offshore Services, a company jointly owned by Petroserv in Brazil and Farstad Shipping in Norway. Apart from its normal anchor handling duties, this vessel will also be equipped to maintain the flexible hoses used to connect offshore-loading tankers to platforms.

    Among the Rolls-Royce UT series multipurpose designs, the UT719-2 has proved itself a handy vessel, and an example has been ordered by Gulf Offshore in the US to be built in Brazil by Promar.

    Havila Supply has won a long term contract to provide a multi-field standby vessel for the Troll and Oseberg fields in the North Sea. To meet the very specific requirements, Rolls-Royce has developed a new design, the UT527. The vessel will act as a first line emergency vessel and will have a speed of about 20 knots to take it rapidly to the scene of an incident. A bollard pull in the region of 100 tonnes and a powerful winch will enable the UT527 to tow drifting vessels clear of installations.

    High specification firefighting systems and pollution control systems will be fitted. The ship will have a large capacity for survivors and a special feature is an aft slipway up which rescue craftcan be hauled, in addition to side rescue zones, stations for daughter craft and FRCs, and a helicopter platform.

    A UT721 anchor handler is the subject of the most recent contract. The French shipowner SURF, already the owner of several successful UT-Design vessels, has returned to Rolls-Royce for a design and equipment package for its latest vessel, which is to bebuilt at Chantiers Piriou.

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