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    Sefton Supporter contracted for Spanish oil spill clean-up

    Contracts, Tenders and Rates // December 6, 2002
    Gulf Offshore has been contracted by the Spanish Maritime Authority to assist in the oil spill recovery operations offshore Spain.

    The Sefton Supporter is one of the few oil recovery vessels equipped with 12m rigid boom sweep arms with integral high viscosity oil/emulsion pumps, each with a capacity of 400m3 of recovered oil per hour.

    The vessel holds the world record for the quantity of oil recovered when she was involved in the clean up operations after the Gulf War, and more recently in the Sea Empress oil spill in Milford Haven. The rigid boom sweep arms are the most effective means of recovering oil spills and "windrows", especially in marginal weather conditions, which are beyond the limits of conventional inflatable booms.

    One major advantage of the rigid booms is that they are deployed by ships cranes, thus enabling the vessel to move quickly and efficiently from one oil slick/windrow to another without any external assistance. The pumps in the booms are most efficient for pumping heavier oils and oil emulsions which cannot be handled by oil disc (oleophilic) skimmers.

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