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    IMCA publication addresses chain lever hoist failures

    Organisations and Associations // December 6, 2002
    A history of failures in the use of chain lever hoists, both underwater and topside, has prompted IMCA (the International Marine Contractors Association) to undertake an examination into their causes and to establish industry guidance on the safe application for use of the hoists.

    This has led to the publication of 'The use of chain lever hoists in the offshore subsea environment (IMCA D 028)', which is designed to aid IMCA members, and the industry at large, in safe management of their operations involving chain lever hoists.

    "Chain lever hoists are used extensively in underwater construction. Their design characteristics allow ease of transportation to site and minimum set-up," explains IMCA's Technical Director, Jane Bugler.

    "Unlike the cumbersome chain hoist, the lever hoist may very usefully be used in any operating position. However, there have been failures in their use - the offshore environment can be particularly harsh, with its combination of temperature extremes, wind blown dust or grit atmosphere, silt, washing out of lubricants, and general corrosion from seawater. We wanted to help our members understand more about the reasons behind these failures and help them use this invaluable tool safely."

    The ten-page guidance covers the selection of equipment including environmental and operational factors, equipment specification, equipment storage and control and cleaning and maintenance. There's also a useful checklist for a thorough examination of achain lever hoist.

    Copies of the newly published guidance, costing 5 for members and 10 for non-members, are available from IMCA.

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