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    Rigdon Marine orders fleet of PSVs

    News // December 6, 2002
    Larry Rigdon, a veteran of the offshore oil industry, has launched a new shipping company, Rigdon Marine, and has placed an order for a new fleet of 10 environmentally friendly vessels designed for the Gulf of Mexico and international markets.

    Under an agreement concluded towards the end of November with Bender Shipbuilding & Repair in Mobile, Alabama, Rigdon Marine LLC will build 10, 210ft diesel-electric PSVs.

    Rigdon said the ships were designed jointly with Guido Perla & Associates of Seattle, and said that because they will be diesel electric ships they would use less diesel fuel than ships with conventional propulsion systems. Each vessel will be equipped with a DP2 level dynamic positioning system.

    Designed to maintain a speed of 13kt under fully loaded conditions, Rigdon claims they will be up to three knots faster than existing vessels in the Gulf fleet, and will have bulk tanks of a size that are usually only found on larger vessels.

    The order for the 10 ships is being financed by Groupe Bourbon in France.

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