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    OSHA forms alliance with NSRP for safer conditions in yards

    News // July 18, 2003
    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Executive Control Board of the National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) will work together to advance a culture of injury and illness prevention in the shipbuilding and repair industry, OSHA Administrator John Henshaw announced in early July.

    In a signing ceremony at the Northrop Grumman-Ship Systems Ingalls Operations in Pascagoula, MS, OSHA and NSRP formalized an Alliance to advance safety and health for workers in the areas of shipbuilding and ship repair processes.

    "We welcome the collective expertise of NSRP in helping to ensure that shipyard workers are protected on the job," Henshaw said. "We continue to focus on this industry to reduce the high rates of injuries and illnesses occurring in shipyard work, and we're especially pleased that the members of NSRP want to join us in this collaborative effort for improving worker's safety and health."

    "We're pleased to enter into this Alliance agreement with OSHA," added Mike Powell, Chairman, NSRP Executive Control Board. "The NSRP believes this relationship will allow us to work even more closely with the agency to our mutual benefit. We feel this Alliance will stimulate technologies and resultant programs that will reduce injuries and illnesses associated with construction and repair of naval vessels and ultimately reduce costs of these warships and enhance US international competitiveness."

    The Alliance calls for increased access to enhanced training and hazard identification and control programs. OSHA and NSRP will work together to provide recommendations on how to improve shipbuilding-related training and education courses.

    Injury and hazard trends will be one part of the information developed and disseminated at conferences, speaking events, and through print and electronic media, to include both organizations' Web sites. Industry safety and health professionals and OSHA staff will be cross-trained in NSRP's best practices or effective approaches as jointly agreed to by both partners. OSHA and NSRP will also convene and participate in stakeholder meetings, forums, or roundtable discussions to help develop solutions to shipbuilding and ship repair hazards.

    Two other maritime Alliance program participants - the Shipbuilders Council of America and the American Shipbuilding Association - will work with NSRP and OSHA to finish development of an electronic assistance tool for the maritime industry on OSHA's Website that will address specific shipbuilding safety and health hazards.

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