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    First appearance of the new Octopus 760

    Equipment & Technology // July 4, 2003
    June saw the launch of the all new Octopus 760, the latest geophysical acquisition package from marine technology company CodaOctopus.

    This dual-simultaneous sidescan and sub-bottom profiler acquisition system builds on theOctopus 360 sub-bottom processor and the Octopus 460 sonar acquisition system.

    In a recent statement, the company said "the new 760 brings the Octopus geophysical acquisition range right up to date, whilst retaining the simplicity of operation and rugged, reliable design familiar to Octopus users around the for more than 10 years."

    "The 760 takes the Octopus design philosophy, focusing on ease of use and adds the latest hardware, software and technology, guaranteeing compatibility with other systems and peripherals. It adopts the latest features and familiarity of Windows XP in aninstrument package which provides all of the benefits without undue complications."

    The Octopus 760 is compatible with all standard sidescan sonars, including the latest digital towfish, as well as all standard sub-bottom profilers, pingers, boomers, sparkers and chirp in one compact package.

    More information can be obtained from, telephone + 44 131 553 1380.

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