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    IMCA publishes 14th annual report on DP incidents

    News // June 24, 2005
    The 14th annual report on dynamic positioning station keeping incidents has been published by IMCA - the International Marine Contractors Association.

    Some 51 reported incidents, which occurred during 2003, are covered with a comprehensive event tree for each together with analysis and a summary of key findings and trends. "Perhaps naturally the number of incidents on established vessels is going downquite sharply," says Jane Bugler, IMCA's Technical Director.

    Copies of the report have been sent to all IMCA Marine Division members and to all known member DP vessels. Members and non-members alike can purchase additional copies, either individually or as a part of a printed collection 1989-2003. Reports from 2000 onwards are also available. A 10-year review of DP incidents tracking themes and solutions will be published later in the year by IMCA.

    Another DP-related project is nearing completion. This is the international cross industry guidance for the use of DP on offshore supply vessels. The first two drafts received some helpful feedback, which led to a number of amendments, particularly inthe expected areas of debate - those involving competency and risk assessment. IMCA is now working on the second draft. Readers should note that this is an international industry document, which IMCA is simply co-ordinating. Input has come from as wide a population of DP OSV interests as possible - and more is welcome.

    "The document has matured significantly since the first draft," explains Jane Bugler. "The workgroup has itself grown to include an additional major supply vessel operator and other interested parties. The responses to the first draft especially reflected the amount of care and consideration given by the workgroup not only to the concept, but to the needs of owners, operators and charterers. It has been a time consuming task for all involved, and will continue to be so, but the end product should certainly justify the effort. It is not too late to join the workgroup, fresh eyes can be of great value. Interested companies and individuals should contact my colleague Philip Wiggs at

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