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    Voith Turbo Marine secures breakthrough order for PSV with VSPs

    News // June 24, 2005
    Norwegian shipowner Østensjø Rederi AS has placed an order with Voith Turbo Marine for two Voith Schneider Propellers (VSP) for a PSV being built at Astilleros Gondan shipyard in Spain, this being the first time ever that a PSV propelled by VSPs has beenordered.

    Voith claims a PSV driven by two VSPs needs 10-20 per cent less power, depending on the load conditions and the sailing speed. This saves fuel cost and increases the service life on sea.

    First model test series were carried out at Marintek in Trondheim, Norway, in February 2002. In the first test series, the power uptake of the two propulsion elements 'contra-rotating propeller' (CRP) and 'VSP' was established.

    The VSP needed approximately 10 per cent less power at various hull drafts and across the entire speed range.

    A second series of model test series at SVA in Vienna in February 2005 confirmed the earlier results.

    Voith says the advantages of using VSPs include: lower power requirement; roll stabilization at standstill and during sailing; fast and accurate steering; long service life; low maintenance costs; high availability; and high reliability.

    The new PSV will be 85m long with a speed of 16 knots.

    This interesting PSV will also be the first in the world fitted with a new system for transporting and carrying drill crack which has been developed by PG Marine.

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