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    Decomplatform goes live at ONS 2002

    News // August 16, 2002
    OPL, MARIS and NGU are pleased to announce the launch of the website to the OIL and Gas Industry at the Offshore Northern Seas exhibition in Stavanger, August 2002.

    Decommissioning of offshore installations will provide a major challenge for public authorities and oil & gas operators from an environmental and technological perspective. In the case of alternative disposal being an option it will be a major challengefor authorities and oil & gas operators to defend their decision to the general public and environmental protections. At the same time it also provides a challenging opportunity for industries such as engineers, contractors, recycling companies, oil & gas companies, and environmental managers, to seek sustainable and economically feasible solutions and to apply new techologies for safeguarding the vulnerable marine environment. Decommissioning therefore provides new business opportunities for suppliersto the oil and gas industry

    To support these challenges from all perspectives and for all interested parties from the oil & gas industry, public authorities, regulatory bodies, contractors, and the general public, there is a great need for exchange of data & information covering the full matrix of relevant subjects. These include:

    • details of offshore installations
    • suppliers of specialist services & products
    • marine environmental measurements and analyses
    • technologies for decommissioning
    • environmental regulations and regulatory frameworks
    • planned and executed decommissioning projects
    • These data and information resources are distributed over many organizations, both public and private.

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