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    New TMS for Seaeye ROVs

    Vessel & ROV News // June 6, 2003
    Seaeye's new Type 6 TMS has been designed to accommodate the full range of Seaeye ROVs with the exception of the Panther Plus that requires a larger system. The garage features telescopic legs that can be adjusted to suit the model of ROV and any toolingskids that might be fitted to it. The bell mouth and runners are polypropylene faced for a smooth entry and exit.

    For operations in areas of extreme currents a ballast skid can be added to increase the weight of the garage by 1.5 tonnes. The winch drum has a tether capacity of 290mof 17mm tether and the system can be rated for operations to 3000m.

    The spooling mechanism features a tilting drive sheave that follows the diamond screw level-wind to help eliminate twisting of the tether and prolong its useful life. The ROV is automatically released when tether is first paid out as an added precautionagainst tether damage by stretching.

    The system is manufactured for Seaeye by Hydrovision and supersedes the earlier Type 5 TMS.

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