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    SEAIOCMA extends cable maintenance contract

    Contracts, Tenders and Rates // January 4, 2018

    Global Marine, part of the Global Marine Group (GMG), has confirmed that its maintenance contract with SEAIOCMA (South East Asia and Indian Ocean Cable Maintenance Agreement) has been extended for five-years, running to the end of 2022.

    The SEAIOCMA maintenance zone agreement, which is a co-operative club managed by 46 cable owners, provides the repair of submarine cables that carry international telecommunications traffic.

    SEAIOCMA spans the area between Djibouti in the west, Perth in the south, Guam in the east and the northern tip of Taiwan.

    This is the third and final of Global Marine’s three long-term maintenance contracts renewed since the beginning of 2016 (NAZ (North America Zone) announced March 2016 and ACMA (Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement) announced January 2017).

    Under the terms of the extended contract, which came into effect on 1 January 2018 and expires on 31 December 2022, Global Marine will provide a new depot in Subic Bay, Philippines.

    The depot will continue to serve as the base of Global Marine’s vessel Cable Retriever, a purpose-designed cable ship equipped with a 600hp remotely operated vehicle, capable of burying cable up to 3m below the seabed and mobilising within 24 hours of a call-out.

    Global Marine has been providing maintenance services continuously to SEAIOCMA since its inception in 1986 and has completed more than 600 repairs. During that time the network has expanded from 34,000 km of cable maintained to encompass more than 111,000 km.

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