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    Power saving mode tested on offshore access system

    Equipment & Technology // December 18, 2017

    Uptime says it has pioneered a 'power saving' mode for its 23.4m active motion-compensated gangway.

    "The control and hydraulic system for the Uptime is constantly being improved," said the company. "The power saving balancing mode has now been implemented on several gangways.

    "This results in less stress on HPU motors, simple operations for the operators and saves wear and tear on equipment when the gangway is not forcibly run but instead balanced against the TP connection. Inaccuracies in motion reference units are also avoided.

    Bjørnar Huse, Sales and Business Development Director at Uptime, said: "Balancing the gangway is the most recent example of improvements to our gangwwas. The next will be autonomous landing of the gangway, which has been tested onshore for about six months.

    "This will give even higher performance, safety and convenience for the user, potentially avoiding using dedicated gangway operators completely.”


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