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    UDS planning another newbuild

    Company News // December 4, 2017

    Ultra Deep Solutions says it will commence building in 2018 another new vessel, which it describes as "the first DSCV energy surplus hybrid diving vessel."

    "We look to cut our fuel costs on a daily operating basis by over 50%. The vessel will be designed with 15,000kW of power. We will maintain our standard working depth of 3,000m," said the company.

    The vessel will have a 250 tonne AHC to 3,000m, 24-man twin bell and twin 24-man SPHL.

    The ship will also have two  work-class ROVs and accommodate 140 POB.

    "Our goals have been simple from the beginning. We have worked on the hybrid designs for years now at UDS. And we finally have a design we really like. UDS will strive to constantly build the most environmentally friendly and cost efficient DSCV's in the world for our end clients. There will be many challenges ahead for us as a team, but we feel we are now one of the leaders in the world in this area. Our end game will be zero emissions," said the company's CEO, Shel Hutton.

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