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    NorSea invests in shore power for four supply bases

    Company News // November 24, 2017

    NorSea Group has placed a contract and with Apply TB in Kristiansund, Norway to install shore-based power at four of its bases along the Norwegian coastline.

    Operational from next autumn, they will enable the company to offer customers an environmentally-friendly source of power for vessels when in port.

    NorSea Group CEO John Stangeland said “This is a substantial investment for us, with great support from ENOVA, where all parties see the environmental and commercial benefits to be achieved through the project. Onshore power supply will lead to large environmental benefits, in addition to economic gains for customers through reduction in operating expenses on the ships’ machinery, reduction in energy consumption (emission costs) and better energy utilisation.”

    NorSea is investing around NKr 70 million in the project which includes NKr 52 million funded by ENOVA, which is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

    The project will achieve emissions reductions of up to 15,000 tonnes CO2 per annum.

    Four supply bases will have onshore power supply facilities: Polarbase (Hammerfest), Vestbase (Kristiansund), NorSea (Dusavik) and NorSea (Tananger).

    Once in place, supply vessels will be able to use shore power at 80-90% of the supply bases along the Norwegian coast.

    Apply TB will supply all of equipment and systems for the project. The scheduled completion date for the project is 31 October 2018.

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