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    Huisman unveils innovative fibre rope crane with AHC

    Equipment & Technology // November 22, 2017

    The Netherlands-based Huisman has unveiled new crane concept that combines the advantages of a fibre rope and heave compensation using conventional steel wire.

    Huisman’s product manager cranes, Cees van Veluw, said the company was a firm believer in cranes with fibre rope. However, as he explained, fibre rope requires “some serious active cooling” during active heave compensation (AHC).

    In Huisman’s new hybrid crane concept, spooling of fibre rope is carried out using Huisman’s established traction winch and storage winch, but AHC is carried out on steel wire on another winch.

    A 120 tonne and 200 tonne version of the new crane concept is available for knuckleboom cranes. The company’s recently introduced hybrid boom crane can be delivered with larger capacities of 400 tonnes and 600 tonnes.

    “This can provide a significant step change in subsea deployment capability,” said Huisman. “The full load is available at all depths. In this way deployment of loads of up to 600 tonnes is possible to depths of 4,000m and beyond.”

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