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    HEBO to add 900 tonne sheerleg crane to its fleet

    Vessel & ROV News // November 20, 2017

    In mid-January 2018, HEBO Maritiemservice will add a new vessel to its fleet in the form of a versatile floating sheerleg. The new acquisition has a lifting capacity of 900 tonnes.

    With the new sheerleg, HEBO expects to penetrate a new market and become active in the Baltic Sea.

    Wiebbe Bonsink, CEO of HEBO Maritiemservice, said "This sheerleg has a maximum lifting capacity of 900 tons and it also has an impressive lifting capacity at longer reaches. At a reach of 22.5m it can lift up to 800 tonnes and it can still lift 500 tonnes at a reach of 46m.

    The sheerleg is being acquired from DBB Salvage.

    Mr Bonsink said the sheerleg has a number of useful features, such as a 100 ton auxiliary hoist with a maximum lifting height of 74m and a maximum reach of more than 60m.

    The sheerleg, which is self-propelled, is also equipped with a dynamic positioning system.

    Mr Bonsink said he also wants to equip the sheerleg with a jib. “This way, we will be able to lift heavy loads at greater heights", he added.

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