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    NOIA applauds US energy bill

    News // November 6, 2017

    National Ocean Industries Association President Randall Luthi issued the following statement after the House Natural Resources Committee introduced the bipartisan energy bill, the SECURE American Energy Act.

    “Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop (R-UT), Representatives Henry Cuellar (D-TX) and Vincente González (D-TX) and others showed tremendous leadership by introducing the bipartisan SECURE American Energy Act.

    "This  forward thinking bill has the potential to unlock multiple forms of American energy opportunities for the next generation. By introducing a truly ‘’all of the above’’ approach towards onshore and offshore energy policy, the House Natural Resources Committee is leading Congress towards increased  jobs, economic growth and energy security for our country.

    “Global demand for energy is not going away. As standards of living rise, energy demand is expected to surge by 28 per cent by 2040, with fossil fuels meeting 77 per cent of global energy demand. Offshore energy can be a driver of safe, affordable and reliable energy for the US and the world.

    Other countries – including Canada, Mexico, Norway, Brazil, Russia and China – are sailing ahead with their own offshore development plans to meet growing energy demand, while the US sits on the sidelines with 94 per cent of our OCS off-limits to exploration and development. 

    "For the US to remain competitive and become energy dominant we need policies that increase offshore access and provide regulatory and legislative certainty for energy producers.

    “NOIA is pleased that the bill includes provisions from last month’s discussion draft that expands revenue sharing, prevents unilateral executive withdrawals of offshore areas, gives more flexibility to the Secretary of the Interior in developing lease sales, and discards the outdated Arctic drilling rule. Each one of these provisions is critical to a robust offshore energy industry.

    “Additionally, the introduction of new language in the bill continues the theme of making America energy dominant. The bill provides real reforms to reduce delays in the issuance of permits to conduct seismic surveys that will safely ensure Americans have access to accurate information regarding their offshore resources.

    "The bill also introduces a firm commitment to regularly scheduled offshore wind lease sales and expands the OCSLA to US territories, ensuring that every American citizen has access to the benefits of offshore energy development, both traditional and non-traditional.

    "Finally, the new inspection fee collection language in the bill will help ensure that the fee schedule appropriately reflects the true cost of conducting inspections and ensures the funding goes to addressing inspections of OCS facilities.

    “Individually, each one of these provisions would significantly strengthen US energy production. Together, they could cement American energy leadership for the foreseeable future.

    "Congress and the administration are in the unique position to create a generational onshore and offshore energy policy that could provide certainty to both the energy industry and the conservation community. NOIA looks forward to working with the Committee, the rest of Congress and the administration to see this bill become law.”

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