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    GustoMSC unveils new jack-up design intended for Jones Act market

    Vessel & ROV News // October 20, 2017

    GustoMSC has unveiled an installation jack-up vessel design intended for the Jones Act market in the US, the SEA-3250-LT.

    "Currently there is no equipment available in the US that is capable of installing existing and future heavy foundations and turbines, due to insufficient carrying and lifting capability in terms of both capacity and height," said GustoMSC.

    "The SEA-3250-LT is a dedicated low CAPEX wind turbine installation solution for the emerging US offshore wind market. It is a rationalized jack-up design, pared down to the essence of safe and efficient wind installation."

    The SEA-3250-LT utilizes an efficient, lightweight hull in order to maximize variable load capacity: it can carry 1-2 of the largest turbines whilst underway to an installation site.

    "The relatively simple and straightforward design can be built by multiple US shipyards without big risks, and can therefore be built Jones Act compliant at a competitive price," said GustoMSC.

    "This non-propelled design meets the required technical capabilities for wind turbine installation in the US for a minimum investment, thus reducing investment risk in this developing market."

    The design uses a proven GustoMSC hydraulic 'Pin in Hole' jacking system capable of the large number of jacking moves required for offshore wind turbine installation.

    An 800 tonne pedestal crane fitted with a boom of approximately 100m enables the installation of the latest generation of 8-9.5MW turbines and foundations.

    In the case of foundations exceeding the capabilities of this particular crane the unit can serve as a Jones Act compliant feeder solution to a larger foreign vessel.

    The SEA-3250-LT is designed to operate in the typical environmental conditions of the US northeast coast and in water depths of up to 45m.

    "Its large payload and large free deck area make the SEA-3250-LT a very versatile unit, capable of executing projects in civil construction, oil and gas, decommissioning and maintenance fields, along with wind turbine installation work," the company said. It can also be upgraded with a full accommodation block and its own propulsion.

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