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    Wärtsilä gives Viking Princess hybrid energy system

    Equipment & Technology // October 16, 2017

    Wärtsilä has completed the installation of a hybrid energy system on board the offshore vessel Viking Princess.

    The Norwegian vessel is now the first offshore supply vessel in which batteries reduce the number of generators aboard the ship.

    The new energy storage solution will improve engine efficiency, generate fuel savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Viking Princess completed sea trials and the system was handed over to customer Eidesvik Offshore on 9 October 2017.

    Wärtsilä syas there are "significant potential savings" through improved engine efficiency, as the operating profile of supply vessels is highly variable.

    "When using the energy storage system on board Viking Princess, the fuel saving potential can be up to 30 per cent in various operations and the CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to approximately 13–18 per cent per year, depending on operational conditions and requirements," said the company.

    "Furthermore, the hybrid solution will provide a more optimal load on the engines, while the intervals between engine maintenance can be extended."

    Viking Princess now runs on a combination of a battery pack for energy storage and three LNG-fuelled Wärtsilä engines. The new energy storage solution provides balancing energy to cover the demand peaks, resulting in a more stable load on the engines.

    The technology is similar to that used in hybrid vehicles: it prevents the engine load from dipping, and uses the surplus to re-energise the battery, which can be charged as needed. Wärtsilä's remote monitoring and operational advisory services support the daily operation of the vessel ensuring efficient and optimised operations.

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