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    Royston expands monitoring team

    Company News // September 28, 2017

    UK-based Royston says growing demand for fuel monitoring systems has prompted an expansion of the company’s dedicated enginei support team.

    The move comes after the recent installation of over 30 new enginei fuel optimisation systems in Nigeria, primarily in offshore support vessels (OSVs) and pilot boats, in response to the growing requirement by the international oil majors that contracted vessels have accurate on-board fuel monitoring data systems installed.

    This takes the total number of enginei installations completed in Nigeria to over 80 in the last couple of years.

    As well as encouraging better emissions control and vessel operational efficiencies, the enginei system also incorporates the automatic monitoring of bunkering activity, fuel inventory and consumption data to protect against fuel security issues.

    Reflecting this growth in demand, and an increasing focus on the development of effective engine data collection and interpretation systems, Royston has now expanded its dedicated enginei support team.

    The specialist team brings together marine, mechanical engineering, data analysis and software development experts. 

    A local sales unit has also been established, and the company has also expanded its system build, test, installation and commissioning capabilities, as well as the technical support available to customers.

    In particular, Royston’s expanding enginei team also incorporates a specialist software development unit that is focusing on the introduction of new digital systems to monitor and manage complete vessel performance, energy use and emissions.

    As part of the enginei capability, the team has developed a new software-based system that automatically detects a vessel’s operational mode and similar work is underway on new digital systems for emissions monitoring and compliance with environmental performance.

    The enginei system provides comprehensive fuel data analysis and reporting options to provide vessel owners and operators with detailed engine performance, fuel consumption and emissions information.

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