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    VBMS completes three cable repairs

    Projects and Operations // August 15, 2017

    VBMS recently repaired two inter-array cables and an export cable in UK waters.

    With its cable-laying vessels being deployed for cabling projects at Galloper, Rampion and Walney Extension offshore wind farms, VBMS used Stemat 82 to carry out the repairs.

    The cable-laying barge’s 8-point mooring system meant that it was well-suited to repairing two inter-array cables in the shallow waters of the outer Thames Estuary.

    The export cable repair was carried out 20 kilometers offshore, in the Irish Sea.

    To connect the replacement and existing cable sections, VBMS acquired a subsea universal joint which was installed by high voltage engineering specialists EDS.

    The joint is designed to connect export cables of varied sizes as well as cable from different manufacturers - providing a rapid independent installation solution that can be completed in less than 48 hours, thus taking advantage of small weather windows.

    At the end of May 2017, VBMS and EDS launched their 'cable integrity solutions' including a ‘Prepare to Repair’ framework. The model facilitates critical preparations being carried out upfront, ensuring that if a cable fails, arrangements are in place and the repair process can be started immediately, minimising downtime. VBMS and EDS estimate that as a result cable repairs can be completed up to 70 per cent more quickly.

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