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    Omnistar HP - decimetre accuracy in real-time

    Equipment & Technology // April 25, 2003
    Positioning Resources Ltd has announced the introduction of the Omnistar-HP (High Performance) System to their extensive range of data capture products.

    Omnistar-HP (inset) uses Dual Frequency GPS technology combined with Fugro's set of reference stations, to produce a robust and reliable decimetre level GPS solution, without the need for base station set-up. With these satellite derived differential corrections, field users can now locate themselves to the decimetre level in real-time.

    PocketGIS has been enhanced to work with the Omnistar-HP system providing the capability to capture field data to the decimetre level. Combined with an integral OSTN02 datum shift, UK users have never before had such an accurate link from GPS to the realworld mapping in their hand, claimed the company in a recent statement.

    PocketGIS is a fully customisable GIS field data capture product, which enables users to build forms specific to their needs for the collection of feature and attribute data. The recent release of Version 1.7 has ensured that PocketGIS stays at the forefront of this technology.

    Now in its 20th year, Data Capture Specialists Positioning Resources Ltd successfully provides positioning and mapping solutions to both public and private sector organisations for various applications. PocketGIS Software was one of the first of its kind to run on Handheld PC's when introduced back in 1997. For more information on Omnistar HP, PocketGIS software and other products available visit

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