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    CBP withdraws controversial Jones Act notice

    News // May 11, 2017

    US Customs & Border Patrol (CBP) has withdrawn a notice proposing significant changes to the Jones Act.

    Had the changes gone ahead they would have had far-reaching implications for offshore vessel owner.

    No detailed explanation of the decision to withdraw the notice was provided.

    In a new notice, CBP said: "Based on the many substantive comments CBP received, both supporting and opposing the proposed action, and CBP’s further research on the issue, we conclude that the agency’s notice of proposed modification and revocation of the various ruling letters relating to the Jones Act should be reconsidered. Accordingly, CBP is withdrawing its proposed action relating to the modification of HQ 101925 and revision of rulings determining certain articles are vessel equipment under T.D. 49815(4), as set forth in the January 18, 2017 notice."

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