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    Statoil hands over Polarled pipeline to Gassco

    Company News // May 9, 2017

    Statoil has transferred operation of the Polarled pipeline to Gassco.

    The 482km pipeline between the Aasta Hansteen field in the Norwegian Sea and Nyhamna in Møre og Romsdal was delivered NKr 4.5 billion below budget.

    Polarled is the first subsea pipeline crossing the Arctic circle on the Norwegian continental shelf, opening a new route for Norwegian gas to the markets in the UK and Europe. Its gas transportation capacity is some 70 million cubic metres per day.

    Pipelaying started at Nyhamna in March 2015 and in September the same year the last pipe joint was installed in the Aasta Hansteen field in the Norwegian Sea.

    The original investment budget for the pipeline project was some NKr 11 billion. When the pipeline was handed over to Gassco the investment had been reduced to NKr 6.5 billion, a 40 per cent cost reduction.

    By connecting Aasta Hansteen to Nyhamna through the Polarled pipeline gas from this province can also reach the market in the UK and on the Continent.

    From Nyhamna the Langeled pipeline runs to England through the Sleipner hub, which is also connected to the transportation system exporting Norwegian gas to the Continent.

    “Polarled opens for gas export to Europe from an entirely new area, bolstering the position of the Norwegian continental shelf as a reliable long-term supplier. With the infrastructure in place, it will also be more attractive to explore and develop fields in the neighbouring areas,” said rete B Haaland, Statoil’s senior vice president for asset management.

    The pipeline has six tie-in points for new discoveries. Dvalin will be the first field apart from Aasta Hansteen using Polarled.

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