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    March "generally poor" reports OSL

    News // April 11, 2003
    Offshore Shipbrokers Ltd (OSL) says March was "generally a poor month for shipowners" with rates at low levels, although towards the end of the month rates rose significantly.

    "New vessels continue to arrive from their building yards without commitment whilst other vesselsreturn and others depart," said OSL.

    "Northern Mariner has returned from West Africa and will after drydocking go on charter to Petersens for one year. Aldoma heads for the Mediterranean whilst the Skandi Beta heads in the opposite direction for the North Sea. North Crusader goes to Brazilfor a contract with Enterprise and Oil Onyx heads for the Far East on speculation."

    "Anchor handling vessels Pacific Banner, Pacific Blade and Pacific Warlock together with thepipecarriers Normand Carrier, Normand Clipper, Edda Freya and Edda Frigg head for theircontract with Saipem in the Mediterranean whilst Stirling Aquarius leaves the spot market for itsterm contract with team Marine," said OSL.

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