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    Pharos Offshore adds TROV to fleet

    Vessel & ROV News // February 22, 2017

    Pharos Offshore has completed the development and enhancement of a 2,500m-rated SMD-built tracked (or free-flying) jet trencher, the UTV400.
    The 400hp Trenching ROV (TROV) has been brought back in-line with current working practices by modernising the equipment and doubling the burial capabilities.
    The system utilises high power to provide numerous inspection, repair and maintenance tasks, with the ability to debury, cut and recover a multitude of subsea products with enhanced efficiency.

    Offering a trench capability of 2m maximum depth, soil dependent, 100kPa max, the UTV400 tool packages, 1.0/ 1.5 and 2.0m, can be changed out at sea depending on project requirements and can work to a minimum jetting speed of 100m/hr, even in firm seabeds.
    The TROV has an integrated surface feed option for operations from 0 - 20m water depth. The system is capable of performing works from the shore end (5m WD) right through to 2,500m water depth.

    Pharos Offshore are able to offer a project package which includes a Sea State 5 launch and recovery crane, now with greater efficiency and burial ability, the system will go on to perform works for Pharos’ clients across the offshore oil, gas, renewable and telecommunications markets on a global scale.

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