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    Collaboration lights way for improved diver safety

    Equipment & Technology // January 27, 2017

    A new on-demand wireless ribbon lighting system, designed to enhance diver safety and efficiency in remote locations, has been launched following a collaboration between Scottish technology companies WFS Technologies Ltd and PhotoSynergy Ltd (PSL). 
    Seatooth LIGHTPATH is a combination of two technologies: WFS’s Seatooth, a subsea wireless communication system that can download and log information gathered on subsea installations remotely, and PhotoSynergy Ltd’s LIGHTPATH, a side-emitting flexible fibre that projects a continuous line of light that carries no electrical power.
    The new product works for both diver and ROV operators working either near surface or at depths of up to 3,000m.

    The light is engaged automatically when the diver or the ROV comes within 5m of a structure, and provides instant illumination of subsea architecture and delineating features such as control valves, docking bays and even the outline of the structure itself against the natural darkness of the underwater environment.
    It switches off automatically when the diver or the ROV departs the scene, and has the ability to act as a proximity warning system when approaching installations, other divers, ROVs or danger areas.
    The unit has been successfully tested in the lab, and will be trialled in subsea conditions in early 2017. 

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