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    EU supports new innovative project on bathymetric data products

    Equipment & Technology // January 9, 2017

    The European Union has granted funding for development of the BASE-Platform project. This is a two-year research project aiming at establishing a new and easily accessible internet platform for the provision of bathymetric data products derived from current and upcoming Copernicus and other satellite missions.

    Up to date bathymetric data is essential for multiple purposes such as navigation, port and offshore construction, security, coastal zone management, fishery, cruising and tourism. Conventional and well accepted methods to survey the seafloor are either ship or aircraft based, and are costly and time consuming. For these reasons, extended areas of water in Europe and worldwide are not mapped to sufficient accuracy, or existing data is out of date. The demand for actual bathymetric data is obvious and its lack causes risk to navigation and concerns to the offshore industry. Earth Observation (EO) data can play a key role to overcome this lack of data.

    BASE-Platform focuses on satellite derived bathymetry as an innovative, rapid and cost effective approach to determine bathymetry from space. Satellite derived bathymetry in combination with hydrodynamic models to minimize tidal effects, and crowd sourced bathymetry for validation purposes will ensure that up-to-date bathymetric data will be delivered.

    The BASE-Platform project is coordinated by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in partnership with EOMAP (DE), MARIS (NL), ISAT (ES), SMART UK), FIND (UK) and DELTARES (NL). The BASE-Platform products and delivery service will be shaped to meet user needs, and will provide easier access than at present. Its impact is expected to significantly influence the current market, its survey methodologies and the way bathymetric data can be accessed and used.

    As a member of the Offshore Shipping Online mailing list we ask your participation in a brief survey about the EU BASE-Platform project. This survey will help to get better insights in your requirements as user of bathymetric data and data products.

    The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and all answer will be kept confidential.

    Please follow the link below to fill out the survey:

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