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    Mammoet signs agreement with Lutelandet Offshore

    Company News // December 14, 2016

    Mammoet Norway AS, the lifting, transport, installation and decommission company and Lutelandet Offshore (LLOF), an organization responsible for developing and operating the offshore supply base on the Norwegian island of Lutelandet, have signed a collaboration agreement for cooperation in the areas of heavy lifting, transport and logistics
    LLOF’s offshore supply base offers companies in the offshore industry 1,400,000m2 of onshore area that can be used for the construction, assembly, shipment, dismantling and decommissioning of installations. Under the agreement, Mammoet will provide LLOF with the manpower, equipment and expertise in the area of heavy lifting and transportation.

    Jointly Mammoet and LLOF will be able to provide the offshore industry with a location that will allow them to construct, store and build offshore installations with quick and easy access to the major oil fields and installations in the North Sea.

    “We are excited about the advantages that this location offers. It will allow us to serve our clients more efficiently,” said Tom Rutgrink, Manager Regional Sales at Mammoet Europe. “For instance, we save time as platforms can be constructed simultaneously in various European yards and subsequently assembled at Lutelandet. Sailing distances from the European construction sites to Lutelandet are short and the location provides easy access to the North Sea. This makes assembly and decommissioning of the platforms onshore more efficient.”

    There are many other advantages to the collaboration, Mr Rutgrink points out. “It enables Lutelandet to optimize utilization of their yard, for example,” he said. “And this location lends itself for the storage of heavy components, for which it is better equipped with our manpower and equipment at hand.”

    Mammoet recently executed its first job on Lutelandet, the load-in of a platform which is going to be dismantled.

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