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    Steerprop unveils new propulsor

    Vessel & ROV News // December 13, 2016

    Steerprop in Finland, which has long experince in ducted propulsors, has launched what it describes as a new generation of ducted propulsors.

    "The new generation of Steerprop propulsors offers agility and endurance in a compact package, with lighter construction, cast housing and enhanced robustness of the lower part," said the company. "The design focuses on maximal hydrodynamic optimization for improved free-running efficiency and fuel-economy, with more slender body, smaller hub ratio and new high performance HJ4-nozzle design."

    Steerprop says the HJ4-nozzle guarantees superior bollard pull and allows optimal nozzle positioning. Traditional sacrificial anodes have been replaced with a new, non-flow-disturbing shape cast anode.

    The new generation Steerprop propulsors are available with both electric and hydraulic steering, with direct diesel drive, electric motor drive and option for hybrid drive. A shallow draft version is also available, designed especially for confined spaces at the stem. The control system architecture is new from PLC to levers, enabling data collection on the performance history.

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