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    Solstad family adjusts ownership structure

    Company News // November 21, 2016

    The Solstad family in Norway has decided to change the legal ownership structure of the shares in Solstad Offshore controlled by Johannes Solstad. 

    The shares have been held through a number of companies, and after the restructuring Soff Invest AS is the main holding company for the Solstad family's shareholding in the company.
    Soff Holding AS, Solstad Invest AS, Ivan II AS and Solhav Invest X AS transferred on November 18 2016 a total of 18 860 075 shares in the company to Soff Invest AS at a price per share of NKr 13.00. After the transfer Soff Invest AS holds 18 860 075 shares, representing 29.16 per cent of the share capital in the company. 

    Soff Invest AS is controlled by Johannes Solstad. Out of the 18,860,075 shares, Soff Holding AS transferred 16,063,256 shares, Solstad Invest AS transferred 2,150,318 shares, Ivan II AS transferred 516,993 shares and Solhav X AS transferred 129,508 shares. 

    After the transactions Soff Holding AS and Solstad Invest AS own no shares in the company, Ivan II AS owns 2,206, 890 shares and Solhav Invest X AS owns  493,572 shares. 

    The consolidated shareholding of the Solstad family will increase with the transfer of the 129,508 shares from Solhav Invest X AS, and will comprise of the shareholdings of Ivan II AS and Soff Invest AS of 21,066,965 shares in total, equal to 32.57 per cent of the share capital and votes in the company. 

    Ellen Solstad represents Soff Holding AS, Solstad Invest AS, Ivan II AS and Soff Invest AS on the board of the company.

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