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    New titles from Douglas-Westwood available

    Publications // March 28, 2003
    Douglas-Westwood and Infield Systems in the UK have published The World Subsea Report 2003-2007, The World Offshore Drilling Report 2003-2007, and The World Offshore Wind Database.

    The new edition of 'The World Subsea Report' forecasts strong growth over the period 2003-2007. Global capex in the subsea sector is expected to total $48.6 billion - an increase of more than 40% compared to the previous 5-year period. The average valueof the global subsea market is expected to rise from $6.8 billion/year in the 1998-2002 period to $9.7 billion/year in 2003-2007.

    This third edition of the Report has been re-written to cover the period 2003-2007. It provides the industry executive with an overview of the growing subsea production segment of the offshore industry and value of world markets, describing the technology used in subsea developments andanalysing the 650 subsea projects under consideration for the period to 2007. These are input to a specially developed model to value world markets over the five-year period. The Report has become the definitive work on the market prospects for the subsea sector, with previous editions being purchased by the leading subsea sector players in 16 countries.

    The new version of The World Offshore Drilling Report forecasts that over the next five years 14,626 offshore wells will be drilled worldwide at a total cost of some $170 billion. Of these,development wells will total 10,231, exploration wells 2,665 and appraisal wells 1,730. Commenting on the results lead author Dr Michael Smith said, "The main drivers for this change appear to be an increasing shortage of shallow water prospects, combined with innovations in drilling technology allowing deepwater drilling in more extreme conditions".

    The World Offshore Drilling Report 2003-2007 forms part of a series of reports that is used by over 200 companies in 28 countries, including the leading oil & gas companies, contractors and investment banks.

    The World Offshore Wind Database is a new service that gives personal access to the unique Douglas-Westwood database of worldwide offshore windpower projects detailing more than 144existing or proposed windfarms across the globe, and is the result of over three years' detailed research. The information contained in the database is already in use by government energy departments and regional development agencies, and has formed thebasis of the offshore windpower business planning of major contractors and new companies entering the industry. Two levels of service are offered. The standard service provides subscribers with four quarterly datasets of 19 basic fields of information,including Project Location, Developer name and various project parameters. The Premium Service offers an additional 20 key fields of data defined by the needs of the user and taken from a complete dataset of over 50 data fields, comprising varying levels of commercial information. This annual service includes monthly updates to subscribers, and allows privileged access to our renewable energy specialists to answer specific queries.

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