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    Swissco to hold second informal meeting for noteholders

    Company News // October 19, 2016

    Swissco in Singapore says it is to convene a follow-up informal meeting with the noteholders on 24 October 2016 at 4.00pm with the aim of updating them on the company’s proposed restructuring plan.

    The metting is not intended to and does not amount to a meeting under or in connection with the Trust Deed relating to the Notes or the terms and conditions of the Notes; it has been called solely for the dissemination of information and no decisions or voting will be made at the informal meeting; the meeting is private and confidential and will be held on an entirely ‘without prejudice’ basis; and in addition to noteholders on the records of CDP who presently are recognised as noteholders under the terms of the trust deed and the notes, there may be persons holding the underlying beneficial interest who may also attend the meeting, and the reason why these persons have been allowed to attend is not in recognition of their status as noteholders but solely as a practical measure to facilitate the dissemination of information to such persons whom nominee noteholders having rights may take instructions from.

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