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    ROVOP expands ROV fleet in Gulf of Mexico

    Company News // September 30, 2016

    Independent subsea remotely operated vehicle (ROV) service provider ROVOP has expanded its fleet of ROVs for the US region. The company has taken delivery of a new vehicle which will be the first of its kind for the Gulf of Mexico and, in a direct response to market conditions, claims that it is set to help operators reduce costs by 40 per cent.
    The commercially-proven Seaeye Leopard electric work class ROV, which ROVOP describes as the most powerful vehicle for its size in the world, adds to ROVOP’s existing capability at its Houston base.
    Wayne Betts, President of ROVOP Inc, said: “The latest investment further strengthens our long established working relationship with Saab Seaeye. The Leopard system can reduce costs by 40 per cent in comparison with traditional ROV systems, both in terms of equipment and personnel costs.
    “ROVOP has realigned its service offering to ensure we are competitive, versatile and flexible to meet our clients’ requirements in this challenging market. Recent contract wins, coupled with an ongoing demand across our fleet, makes it clear how our adaptable and customer-centric approach works. We listen to our clients and take action to align with their needs. As part of this, we are working alongside our clients and suppliers to ensure we reduce costs and increase efficiency. 
    “Further savings are also achievable, beyond our lower charges, when using the Leopard vehicle due to the small topside footprint enabling deployment from smaller vessels and directly from platforms. The addition of the Leopard system further underpins our capabilities, enhances our service offering and will bring considerable added value for our customers in terms of cost effectiveness.”
    The ROV’s power in a compact package offers work-class capability in a small footprint that is significantly less than other vehicles used in the Gulf of Mexico, ROVOP claims.

    With half a ton of forward thrust and its iCON intelligent control system, the 2000m-rated Leopard has a speed of over four knots whilst providing a stable work platform for handling significant work tasks in strong currents. "This makes it ideal for the region, where loop currents often stop operations," ROVOP claimed, noting that the vehicle is ideally suited to tasks such as drill support, pipeline survey, exploration, salvage, cleaning and IMR.


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