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    47 UT designs building in nine countries, says Rolls-Royce

    Vessel & ROV News // March 28, 2003
    Rolls-Royce Marine reports that 15 UT-design vessels have been handed over to their owners since November 2002. The number of vessels on order and under construction now stands at 47.

    Owners are based in many different countries and altogether yards in nine countries have offshore support vessels of UT-Design from Rolls-Royce on their order books.

    No fewer than 12 distinct types of vessel are included, and if 'L', 'T', 'S' and other variants of type numbers are taken into account, the number of designs rises to 17.

    "This demonstrates the flexibility of the UT-Design concept and the way in which vessels can be tailored to meet owners' needs and the requirements of specific charters," said Roll-Royce in a recent statement.

    Thirty five vessels are scheduled for delivery before the end of 2003, the other 12 in 2004. In all cases a substantial package of Rolls-Royce equipment has been specified in addition to the design. In most cases the package is a full one, including anyrelevant system or item of equipment available from the Rolls-Royce product portfolio, such as propulsion systems, manoeuvring systems, engines, automation and deck machinery.

    Looking at the vessel types in more detail, the UT755 in its various versions features most often in the order book, with 17 vessels to be built in Norway, Brazil and Italy. Seven of the UT722 family are on order at yards in Brazil, Norway, Denmark and Canada.

    The first multi-functional 20,000hp AHTS type UT722LX was recently delivered, having developed a bollard pull of 237 tonnes on trials. On handover in Norway it immediately sailed to West Africa to undertake a deep water rig move off Angola. A sister ship is currently (March 03) on sea trials.

    Also on sea trials is the first of a new design to operate in the Asia Pacific region for IOS. This is the UT712. A sister ship is under construction.

    Other vessel types on order include the UT710 and UT780, compact and adaptable AHTS with a fairly shallow draft designed to meet the needs of the growing Asian offshore industry.

    The UT527 on order is a new design that represents the latest thinking in multi-field standby vessels, while the second vessel of a specialised design, the UT719-T, will soon take up its station as part of the UK emergency towing vessel programme.

    UT-Designs from Rolls-Royce currently under construction or on order cover the spectrum of diesel mechanical and diesel electric propulsion systems, said the company.

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