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    Shell seeks exemptions from Brent decommissioning campaign

    News // July 6, 2016

    Responding to news that Shell is to seek exemption to abandon hundreds of thousands of tonnes of concrete and steel structures on the seabed when it decommissions its Brent oil and gas fields in the North Sea, WWF Scotland director Lang Banks said: “While removing these structures is not without environmental risk, neither is leaving them lying on the seabed to slowly breakdown over hundreds of years. Given the potential impacts on the marine environment and other sea users, we will be carefully examining the final proposals that go out for consultation.
    “The industry pushed the boundaries of science and engineering to access North Sea oil and gas. Having made massive profits over the last few decades, it is only right that it should push those limits once again to clean up their potentially hazardous legacy and protect the marine environment.
    “Given the enormous size of the rigs and the iconic nature of the Brent field, this decommissioning is being watched closely and should therefore be aiming to set the highest possible benchmarks for the rest of the industry to follow. If done right, then it could open the door for Scotland to lead a new multi-billion pound, global decommissioning industry."


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