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    Elnusa acquires seismic vessel

    Vessel & ROV News // April 5, 2016

    ELNUSA, which says it perceives tremendous opportunities to the develop marine seismic market in Indonesia, since there are still plenty of national oil and gas reserves in deep water, has acquired an as yet unnamed seismic vessel that it plans to use for seismic surveys to support the country's oil and gas exploration activities.

    The company said the vessel acquisiton is also a response to a government programme to encourage the industry in the country. It noted that only a few Indonesian-flagged seismic vessels work in Indonesia waters.

    The company said the seismic vessel acquired by ELNUSA "has some advantages and capabilities that have never been held by another Indonesian-flagged seismic vessel." it said the vessel has the capacity to carry 12 streamers which each streamer length up to 10km, "hence it is ideal to carry out seismic survey in deep water and is capable of producing 3D seismic data."

    The company said: "It is our duty, as the only national asset that has the competence and long experience in integrated oil and gas services, to work and develop marine seismic in Indonesia. We are ready to fully support the programme of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Republic of Indonesia to restore the glory of the national oil and gas production and become an oil and gas exporter which significantly contribute to the income of the country."

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