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    Rotech completes cable de-burial and reburial project

    Vessel & ROV News // February 25, 2016

    Rotech Subsea has completed a cable deburial and reburial project for Hughes Sub Surface Engineering. The new company's ‘RS’ Controlled Flow Excavation (CFE) technology was used on the project, and is said to be faster, more cost effective and safer than older of Mass Flow Excavation (MFE) equipment.

    "The advantages of the RS design and TRS system – which boast more power and enhanced features compared with older generations of MFE equipment – were evident on the project," said Rotech. "TRS1 equipment was safely deployed (at a depth of 1.5m in 5m water depth LAT) to perform the successful de-burial of the cable, recovery and jointing repairs before post trenching the cable ends and joints. These were lowered in excess of 2.8m depth in only two passes, due to the dual capabilities of the TRS1, providing a safer, faster and more cost effective solution than could have been achieved with older-generation equipment."

    The TRS1 was operated at a safe non–contact 2m stand-off distance above the 132kV export circuit cable at all times because of excavation restrictions set by the Marine Warranty Surveyor. The TRS1 accomplished this due to its higher CFE velocities and advanced jet capabilities. The RS system reduced the number of passes required whilst lowering the cable into a deeper, narrower trench.

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