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    Kongsberg Maritime launches compact DP system

    News // December 5, 2003
    The New Orleans International Workboat Show 2003, which closes 05 December, was the venue for the worldwide launch of the Compact DP Series from Kongsberg Maritime.

    The series offers a complete DP class 1 solution for dynamically positionedvessels and is designed to meet the requirements of offshore support vessels and workboats.

    The new system offers a scalable and cost effective solution for the smaller vessel and operator. It consists of two main components, the cPos and cJoy, both of which utilise the latest Kongsberg RCU technology, within the (cPos or cJoy) Compact Controller. This forms the heart of the system and is scalable to fit any DP class 1 system.

    The controller's main function is to implement DP and joystick control algorithms, take actions as to operator commands and the information collected and processing from the various sensors in the DP system. These actions are converted by the Compact Controller to the signals that operate a vessel's propulsion and thruster systems.

    The cPos is a powerful DP tool ideal for a variety of applications. It isable to provide full Auto Position functionality with options for AutoPilot control, Line Tracking mode and Follow Target. The system is designed to interface with DGPS, Fanbeam, gyros, MRU, anemometer and thrusters as standard though several interfaces are available as options including HiPAP hydroacoustics and diesel-electric power plants.

    The cJoy system adds advanced, wind-compensated joystick control withautomatic heading control and optional simple station keeping to theCompact DP Series.

    The cPos and cJoy are controlled via the cPos OS-520 Operator Station orcJoy OT-520 Operator Terminal respectively. These user friendly tools provide the facilities for vessel control via joystick, DP and autopilot.

    The cPos OS-520 is ergonomically designed for simple control adjustments and commands, and features a 17in colour TFT display, 3-axis joystick and quick access buttons for intuitive operation. The cJoy OT-520 is equal to the cPos OS-520 but is deliveredwithout an external TFT display. The cJoy Bridge Wing Terminal can be interfaced to any of the two operator units and mounted outdoors for a cost-effective tool for joystick manoeuvring at bridge wings.

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