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    Norwegian government makes the right noises about maritime industry

    News // November 21, 2003
    The maritime industry in Norway will get "similar conditions as our competitors in Europe," said Mr Ansgar Gabrielsen, Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, recently.

    Speaking at a shipbuilding conference in Ålesund in early November, Mr Gabrielsen somewhat surprised the audience with his positive remarks about the content of the forthcoming Norwegian White Paper on maritime policy.

    Mr Gabrielsen did not go into details about the forthcoming measures. He said, however, that he will travel to Brussels in late November 27, when the new EU State Aid Guidelines are presented, to learn more about the EU shipping policy.

    "Our goal is to help raise the added value in Norwegian shipping and in the whole maritime cluster. The business conditions in Norway must be at least equal to the existing conditions our competitors have, maybe even a little bit better," he said.

    Mr Gabrielsen's speech was followed by a panel debate, in which the Government was criticised for the lack of stability and predictability the maritime industry has had to deal with, following the almost continuing changes in business terms the last seven years.

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