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    Offshore simulator complex opened in Canada

    Training // November 5, 2015

    The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland has opened a simulator complex for offshore vessels.

    The Hibernia offshore operations simulator will provide offshore operators with advanced, customized training for the supply and support of offshore facilities and production platforms. It is housed in the institute’s Centre for Marine Simulation (CMS) in a new two-storey facility that was added to the campus last winter.

    The facility includes a six degree of freedom motion platform that replicates a wide range of sea conditions and vessel movements, a visualization system to represent offshore operations in realtime, and an instructor station to coordinate and oversee training scenarios.

    Construction of the facility was made possible by donations of C$4.4 million from the Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd (HMDC) and C$750,000 from the provincial government’s infrastructure funding programme.

    Using the simulator, CMS will train new and existing personnel in tasks such as positioning and mooring offshore structures, deepwater anchor handling, supply operations alongside platforms, iceberg management and subsea operations. The simulator will also be used to rehearse operations and develop and evaluate procedures as part of risk assessments. The facility will also enable CMS to continue spearheading research in the areas of equipment design, ice navigation, technology transfer, and simulation development with the aim of making offshore operations safer and more efficient. 

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