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    Trials demonstrate workability of jack-ups under extreme tidal conditions

    Vessel & ROV News // October 20, 2015

    GeoSea (part of DEME Group) has completed trials of a jack-up vessel in extreme current flows. The company says the results of the trials confute industry reluctance to deploy jack-up vessels on tidal sites. "The workability and reliability that the jack-up demonstrated create confidence for tidal project developers and open the market for all types of tidal energy applications," the company claimed.

    GeoSea chose Raz Blanchard off the coast of France to test the jack-up, an area known for strong tidal currents. The tests were held during the autumn equinox of September 2015 with currents during spring peaks.

    GeoSea’s jack-up vessel Goliath operated in currents of up to 10 knots (approximately 5m/s) and water depths under the hull of 56m.

    "The demonstrated utilisation...under those extreme tidal conditions, are the direct result and the practical implementation of a two year in-house study analysing and researching the behaviour of jack-up platforms while jacked-up in strong currents," said GeoSea.  "On that basis, specific operating models as well as procedural and technical improvements have been developed that enable the use of the GeoSea’s respective jack-up platforms and vessels in strong tidal race areas."

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