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    Fugro integrates and rebrands UK-based geotechnical specialists

    Company News // October 2, 2015

    Fugro has integrated and rebranded its UK-based geotechnical companies as Fugro GeoServices Ltd. The renaming completes the integration of key UK specialists - Fugro Seacore, Fugro Engineering Services, EM Drilling, Fugro Loadtest, Fugro Instrumentation & Monitoring and Fugro Aperio.

    Fugro said the companies have been renamed "to reflect the depth and diversity of its offering."

    Fugro GeoServices Ltd employs close to 600 staff and undertakes seven key activities: nearshore geotechnical, offshore geotechnical, marine installation, onshore ground investigation, cone penetration testing, geophysics and instrumentation and monitoring. The company also has geotechnical laboratories and carries out a range of built environment surveys and testing. 

    Marcus Rampley, managing director of Fugro GeoServices, said: “Our group delivers a range of services to many sectors. We drill some of the biggest diameter holes in the ocean floor and test the foundations of the world’s tallest buildings, we inform the designers of offshore wind projects, tunnels and pipelines and we measure, test and monitor existing infrastructure throughout its lifecycle. We are making it easier for clients to contact us and work with us, and believe that restructuring as Fugro GeoServices makes us better able to deliver the complex multi-disciplinary projects that we are respected for.”


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