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    UTEC enhances AUV offering

    Vessel & ROV News // August 19, 2015

    UTEC has announced what it describes as a significant step forward for its growing fleet of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) thanks to the completion of a series of field trials in conjunction with Teledyne Gavia.

    Partnering with Teledyne Gavia, the company has completed operational testing of features designed to optimize AUVs for commercial survey applications. UTEC Survey have been using the Gavia AUVs for a variety of projects around the world since 2010 and, since becoming part of the Acteon group of companies, has become the single largest commercial user of the system with seven AUVs in the fleet.

    Operating at a constant altitude above the seabed but decoupled from the surface, low-logistics AUVs provide enhanced safety and a more stable, reliable, low-noise platform capable of gathering high quality data throughout the operating depth range. In addition, they offer a solution of higher productivity and the ability to survey in very shallow water of up to two meters.

    The recent San Diego trials focused on deep operations at 1,000m with the AUV taking 25 minutes to travel from the surface to its survey depth. Features trialed included a new detachable float nosecone and Pneumatic Line Thrower (PLT) allowing the AUV to be safely retrieved at greater stand-off distances, a redesigned Teledyne Band-C acoustic modem transducer for improved seabed communication, a Side Scan Sonar system from Edgetech and L-3 Klein Associates with greater ranges and enhanced position capabilities including deep water real-time navigation solutions using Long Base Line (LBL) bottom nodes.

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