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    Harkand completes metrology job in Mexican waters

    Projects and Operations // August 5, 2015

    Harkand has completed its first free inertial metrology in Mexican waters and at a new depth for this approach in the region. The company achieved the survey results for their client at a depth of 380ft in the Bay of Campeche.

    The project saw Harkand working in collaboration with their metrology technology partner Zupt to complete the survey project in support of the installation of an expansion spool piece for a new pipeline and platform campaign in Mexico.
    AJ Jain, Harkand managing director North America and Africa said: “Our client wanted to know if the inertial metrology would better suit the project over the acoustic method. Our personnel are experienced in both techniques so after reviewing the work we were able to determine the free inertial metrology was the most time-saving and cost effective solution in this circumstance.
    “Although a diver had not performed inertial metrology in this water depth before, we were confident in our saturation diving team’s experience and capabilities. Our client had the results in just 12 hours allowing the expansion spool piece design and fabrication to proceed very quickly. In comparison, the acoustic method would have taken three days to be reported back.”
    The expansion spool piece was fabricated on the vessel in two days, with the Harkand saturation diving team successfully installing the spool piece without any issues.


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